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Ongoing Support

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics Small business accounts for 97 percent of all businesses.


More than 60 percent of small businesses cease operating within the first three years of starting

The typical small business has an average lifespan of 4 years (ABS 2013)

A thorough well structured strategy involves a plan and is an essential start to longevity however to remain on course, grow and prosper we believe regular review and ongoing support is equally critical. 

Often entrepreneurs get into the trap of thinking that a strategic plan is only needed up front then left in a cupboard. While this is still useful to start, it is only part of the path to success. We encourage and believe that regular reviews where we stress test our assumptions and vary them accordingly, are critical in ensuring all threats and challenges are turned into opportunities.

Surviving past the 4 year mark does not guarantee success. Technology is killing off businesses.  The average age of an S&P 500 company is approx 18 years, down from 60 years in the 1950s (Credit Suisse ) The trend is accelerating and the disruption from technology is to blame.

Businesses that do not constantly review and engineer themselves for change will not last.

Entrepreneurs can fall into the trap that because there is so much information online and they have such limited funds, they’ll be able to find the answers to all their problems. This can be partially effective however in most cases there is no substitute to sitting down with someone who can show you how everything connects and navigate the shades of grey. 

It is easy for advisers to convince their clients they need more advice but at Jirwander &Co our approach is different. We not only link our fees to your success, we can get operationally involved in projects to ensure they are executed correctly and set up so the ongoing maintenance is minimal. 

We want to help you do what you do best and structure our role to  compliment your strengths. We like to see ourselves as your partner that has a vested interest in your success. We will work with you creating a personalised strategic and operational review, implement an action plan, help you execute and stand with you reviewing and enhancing your strategy.

Founder and CEO Support Services.

  • Corporate Advisory & Strategy

  • Management Consulting and review

  • Boardroom consulting 

  • Review & Testing of financial models, strategies & assumptions

  • Preparation of Board Reports

  • CEO mentoring

Mentoring & Coaching

Our approach to Mentoring and Coaching is the missing piece of the Holistic business approach to success.


We often work with the people in our organisation more than those that we love and care for. They are part of a what we call or "Working Family".

Many would argue that the personal has no place in the business. We believe that is an old paradigm which is rapidly dying and constantly proving to be tested. It is a grey area and one where the Founder and Board and Working Family as a whole should discuss. This sets up the company culture and must align with the Purpose.

There is no right or wrong but having no clarity makes it very hard to have a team that are all operating under the same ideals and goals. Motivation and drive are significantly impacted by any cultural mis-identity or conflict.

For Example Organisation A that has a Not For Profit service based offering that attends to its beneficiaries needs will most likely have a completely different culture to Organisation B which is a Profit driven, product based offering to supply the public and owned by a few shareholders. Both service highly ethical needs but the Working Family will be different and the purpose different.


Successful organisations are those that deal with every part of the business and business is made up of people, relationships and emotions. The point of debate is not whether to ignore them but where the boundaries are and where the responsibility is for each part of the Working Family.

We cover all the Tangible skill sets of business as outlined in the services section however we also cover the following intangibles in our strategic review.

  • Purpose - Organisation

  • Work Life Balance - All stakeholders in the working family

  • Most important things in your life

  • Communication

  • Mastering our emotions

  • Adaptability

  • Perspectives on Change - Glass is always half full.

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