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Strategy & Execution

After a review of your current position and numbers we want to be able to help you use this to create a Business Strategy for the future.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission released a report into corporate insolvencies for 2011-2012 and found the following:

  1. 44 percent of businesses suffered poor strategic management,

  2. 40 percent had inadequate cash flow or high cash use and

  3. 33 percent suffered from trading losses.

We want to help you do what you do best and structure our role to compliment your strengths. We like to see ourselves as your partner that has a vested interest in your success. We will work with you creating a personalised strategic and operational review, implement an action plan and help you execute.


The areas we are able to help you in this process are in the following areas:


Start up Support

  • 'Greenfields' business - Starting a new business from scratch.

  • Going Concern - Acquiring an existing business

  • Franchising - Using an existing business structure and Brand to operate under

  • Business Plans - A key part of recording and implementing your strategy

  • Budgeting and Cash flow forecasting

  • Break even and Stress testing analysis

  • Researching new and existing markets

  • Researching best locations to operate from

  • Lease negotiations

  • Supplier negotiations

  • Employment assistance and independent interviewer 

  • New business acquisition support

  • Business structure and set up

Funding and Finance Strategy

This is a critical part in every business or organisations life. The most important thing is to directly match this strategy to the Purpose Principles and Plans of the business or organisation. The following type and sources of funding are reviewed, considered and debated: 

  • Debt or Equity ?

  • Hybrids

  • Types of Debt

  • State and/or Federal Grants and Loans

  • Crowd Funding

  • Types of Equity - Strategic partners

  • "Sweat Equity"

  • Strategic Joint Ventures

  • Donations / Benefactors

Your Exit Strategy considerations

  • Initial Public Offering - IPO

  • Public Sale 

  • Industry Trade Sale

  • Management buy-outs

  • Continue to retirement

  • Pass on to Family member

  • Leave in Trust

  • Donate

Areas of Strategic Planning

  • Business & Company valuations

  • Business entity tax restructuring

  • Due Diligence - Buying a Going Concern

  • Strategic Joint Ventures

  • Strategic Alliances

  • Finance and funding strategies

  • Project management

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Planning and feasibility reviews

  • Implementing Performance management systems

  • KPI monitoring

  • Comparison to best practice and Benchmark

  • Stress Testing and What if analysis

  • Expansion and Relocation analysis and strategies

  • Procurement review and analysis

  • Lease/Supplier/employee/contractor Negotiations 

Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Sales & profit forecasting

  • Cash flow Forecasting

  • Business budgeting

  • Best practice business budgeting


Government Assistance review

  • State and Federal Grants and Loans

  • Jobs NSW Grants & Loans

  • Export Market Development Grants EMDG and Effic loans

  • R&D concessions

CEO Support Services

  • Corporate Advisory & Strategy

  • Management Consulting and review

  • Boardroom consulting 

  • Review & Testing of financial models, strategies & assumptions

  • Preparation of Board Reports

  • CEO mentoring

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