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We do more than just your numbers, we help you capitalise on opportunities.


We're invested in your success.




Fast Growth


We specialise in Fast Growth SME and Start ups and know the critical challenges of getting the right funding & strategy in place.

"Justons strategic mind is unique. His ability to understand me and my business and then not only present opportunities but help us to bring those opportunities into reality have been invaluable. He has always been there encouraging and advising Food To Nourish through its expansion and has been instrumental in funding our growth. Jirwander & Co are more than advisors. They role their sleeves up and get involved and they care. "

Danielle Minnebo - CEO Food To Nourish Pty Ltd


At Jirwander & Company we have vast experience across  Ethical Venture Capital, Not For Profit , Entrepreneurship and Chartered Accounting.
This collective experience coupled with our financial acumen, gives us unique insights on how to Start, Fund, Grow and Sustain your organisation.
We understand the challenges faced by rapidly growing small businesses and startups, we have therefore developed a unique partnership model where you have the option of having part of our fees taken as equity or paid only when mutually agreed milestones are achieved.
This ensures we really are "Invested in your success !!"
Getting the numbers right.


We review your business to help make your numbers easy to manage and cost effective.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax & Accounting
  • CFO Outsourcing - Part Time & On Call .
Strategy & Execution.

We work with you creating a  plan & strategies on how to execute. We help make it happen !

  • Business Strategy
  • Project Implementation
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Funding & Financing strategies


Ongoing Support & Review.


Regular meetings and attendance at Board and Founder meetings ensure you are up to date and on target.

  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Board Advisor
  • Retainer Options



We know numbers well, but we know how to use them even better. Business strategy must be more than just great ideas & sound advice. It must be actionable, timely and in balance with your business purpose. 

Working with you we believe the results must be greater than the sum of the parts. Our simple model is :

1 + 1 must be  > 2



Unit 4. 28 Dell Road 

West Gosford, NSW 2250

Tel: +61 2  4782 6204

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